Monday, February 14, 2011

why we don't travel more

Sunday, February 13, 2011

you go, blog baby

blog baby, who is truly no longer a baby, never ceases to amaze me with her observations. the other day we were using some notecards to make small words for her to sound out- b-i-t spells bit. m-i-t spells mit. that sort of thing. so i spelled m-i-d and she says, "mid- like a midwife, right?" one of my other kids asked her, "do you know what a midwife is?" and my precious darling says, "sure. a midwife helps a baby get born."

how much do i love this kid???

Monday, January 17, 2011

men who love women and the women who let them

julian assange, lover of gossip, slander, and top level secrets- is also a lover of women. it seems that on each leg of his tours, he finds a different willing woman (or several) and, um, partakes of her wares. when asked about his notoriously slutty behaviour, he responded that he just loves women. apparently, the women just love to be loved...

a famous rabbi gave a speech once about different types of love. one type stuck in my mind, and he referred to it as "ice cream love". i love how you make me feel. i love what you can do for me. i love how you meet my needs and gratify me. so i devour you. i erase you from the face of the earth because i love you so much. wow. not exactly every little girl's dream...

so, clearly julian assange has ice cream love for these women. the question is what the women get out of the exchange. HE gets to have his way, run his agenda, meet his needs, indulge in his animal side (repeatedly) etc etc etc. but unless he is exceptionally good in bed (why do i doubt that???), i am genuinely puzzled as to what they are getting. i guess it's like women who sleep with rock stars or movie stars or rappers. are they getting some kind of referred glory just by being in proximity to them? does their fame rub off if you rub them in the right spot? is it the thrill of chasing someone who is trying to be caught? i seriously don't get it. bragging rights? oooh- i slept with this really slutty guy who sleeps with everyone- go, me!

so julian assange loves women. but what exactly is it that these women love? if you have a clue, i'd love to hear your take on it.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

drugs and other indoor sports

once again i am hearing debate after debate over medical marijuana. legalize? decriminalize? legislate? tax? regulate?

i actually heard someone say this morning on the radio, "if you advocate legalizing marijuana, what do you want to do next? legalize heroin? cocaine? crack?" (yes, crack is a form of cocaine, but you're missing the point...) this is someone who is usually pretty on the ball and articulate. so what's with the knee jerk jerkiness? seriously? like if you get your wisdom teeth pulled why don't you get all of your teeth pulled? or if you have your appendix taken out why not just do a hysterectomy and a colostomy at the same time?

so, at this point in my self-righteous condemnation, i must confess that i too used to think legalizing marijuana was heretical. just to get it out there, i have never been high. like ever. no, i'm not a goody goody (ok, well kind of...) but i am just really uptight and controlling... anyway, i used to believe the popular image that people who smoked "pot" (why is it called that?) were all toked out idiots losing brain cells by the millions and floating through life being unproductive and seedy. my sister had several friends in high school who pretty much fit this description. and let's just say one makes assumptions about certain people one sees in the world who are performing -ummmm- not up to societal expectations???

then i got sick. really really sick. for a long long time. and because i am freakishly passionate about doing research (in spite of my blondness), i did a lot of reading about the medical uses of marijuana. it was interesting, but i was already on so many medications and was so unwilling and unable to fight the good fight, i just sort of filed away the info.

flash forward to more recent times. i still have a chronic illness, and when times are bad i look for solutions. i have found over the years that you need to be able to be your own advocate, and doctors are just as often unable as they are unwilling to think outside of the conventional box. so i have tried lots and lots of meds. a few hospital stays ago they sent me home on morphine (with a scrip to be filled every few weeks so i could stay on it...)yes, really. so when i was listening to the radio show this morning, someone called in and said, "how would you feel if the guy in the cubicle next to you was high on pot?" and i thought, "how would the people in line at the grocery store feel if they know i was on morphine? or vicodin? or oxycontin? or valium? or a boatload of other potent mind-messing drugs that i have actually been on over the years. yet i function normally (as normal as that is...) and when i have bad days i am in bed- not because i am stoned on drugs, but because my pain and nausea and other symptoms are so bad that even the strong drugs don't touch it. and i keep coming across books and articles from reputable places that say marijuana could help with every problem i have...

i asked a friend who is an oncologist his opinion on marijuana (i know several cancer patients who have smoked marijuana and also been prescribed maranol- synthetic THC- which is the supposed active ingredient in marijuana; they all say without hesitation that maranol just doesn't come close to actual marijuana.) he suggested some other drug combinations instead, but then admitted that if he has patients who are smoking pot and it is helping them, he would absolutely not tell them to stop. hmmmmmmmmmmm...

there seems to be good solid research out there backing up medical uses for marijuana. yes, it has potential for abuse, i guess (some things i've read disagree), but i will tell you for sure that about 95% of the medications i've been prescribed have potential for abuse and my doctor has decided the benefits outweigh the risks and has prescribed them for me anyway.

i don't want to recap the entire debate over medical marijuana, but i just wonder why this particular drug raises soooooooooooo much fright in so many people. yes, i know most of the conspiracy theories. but those things could be said of other drugs as well. so seriously, any theories on why marijuana has the power to terrorize otherwise sane people?

i still haven't gotten past my hang-ups enough to try marijuana, even though i am fairly sure it would probably help me. but i am seriously considering becoming more involved in the movement to legalize it. after all, why should irrationality trump good sense???

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new reality shows

ok- guilty pleasure confession: last night i watched a show called the sing-off. or sing along? or some deviation on that theme- it's several acapella groups competeing against each other for a relatively meager cash prize and probably fame and fortune.

first of all, i found it interesting that the cash was so little. i think they win $100,000.00- which is nothing to sneeze at, but after dividing it among all members of the group and after taxes literally would not even pay our grocery bills for the year. i was under the impression that other shows gave like, a million dollars for putting up with their nonsense.

second, i think one of the judges is literally stoned half out of her mind. she starts most of her appraisels with, "i agree with ___________________ "(whoever spoke just before her, regardless of who that is or what they said). several times she actually made a comment and then followed up with, "wait, did that happen?" or "wait, did you really do that?" all with a straight smile and a glazed expression that said she was one oxycontin short of a of the judges was in a boy band- i think in the 80s?- and although he can hit a few notes, he doesn't seem to have too much musical background- except that he clearly likes more black/gospel type sounds and clearly dislikes and is uninspired by anything that sounds too "white". the final judge actually writes music, so at least he has some grasp of musical composition, but he comes across as sooooooo nerdy and sooooooooo mellow that we jokingly predict he will say things like, "wow. that song reminds me of mayonaise..."

on the commercial breaks, we speculated on other game shows that might be popular with the ever lowered standards of the american viewing audience.

#1- america's got nerve. it's like america's got talent, except whoever gets voted off the show gets executed. this week, the loser will be electrocuted in front of a live stdio audience... next week, watch and see what happens with this length of piano wire...

#2- america's top martyr. a game show for muslims where whoever wins gets blown up and gets to meet his maker sooner than the rest. i figure it's a win-win situation. people get entertained, potential terrorists go to heaven, and nobody has to get hurt. i might even offer to flip the switch on that show...

#3- america's got no talent. c'mon- you know half the fun people have when they watch these competitions is to see the people with no talent who think they are "all that"- or at least who have enough gumption to go on TV to make fools of themselves. so, cut out the middle man and have a show just to showcase people who, we can all admit, entertain us by having no talent at all.

#4- america's got idiots. let's face it, a shockingly lot of people love to watch others doing foolish things. instead of elevating it, just show it for what is it- a bunch of idiots (often drunk???) who will do maniacal things just to get attention. oh, wait- they already made this and i think it's called jackass. but it's wildly popular, so go figure...

that's all i can remember for now, but feel free to submit your own ideas for consideration. you never know, a big talent scout might be an avid (albeit secret) reader of this blog...

Monday, November 29, 2010

gotta love this!!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

barak obama throws rosa parks under the bus

after the 97,000th time i have heard the same sound bites played, i decided to comment.

barak obama made a rousing speech, in part comparing democrats and republicnas to drivers of a car. he said things like (and i paraphrase here since i am too blond to look up the quote without losing this page): when you want to go forward, you put your car in D. if you put it in R it just takes you backward. now, my complete disdain for all things obama aside, i thought this was all pretty clever. and then he got to- if republicans want to come along with us, they can. they just can't drive- they have to ride IN THE BACK...

wait. inhale. did he just tell republicans to get to the back of the bus? did he just hint that we are second class citizens? in a world where pretty much everyone overreacts to everything, and even neutral statements are interpreted through the lense of oppressive racism, i have not heard one single person comment that obama's rhetoric here sounds eerily similar to old jim crow rearing up his ugly head. (by the way- for a GREAT book on northern migration of sharecroppers as a result of jim crow politics, read the warmth of other suns- wow!!)

anyway, we don't drive off the cliffs obama would like us to die on? got that. we go in a different direction. okay, that too. but we need to move to the back so the oligarchs can rule unobsrtucted? huh? what the heck is he thinking? is this nigerian/indonesian/banana republic politics or is the big 'o' being just a little too condescending for comfort?

for the record, this republican will drive, thank you very much. this R will drive, shoot, pray, and vote as many times as is allowed. because when it comes to unseating a power-hungry unhinged socialist like obama, i'm all about civil rights.

put that in your gas tank, dems.